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3 new mixed media gelli plate print collages

3 new mixed media gelli plate print collages


Good evening my friends,

Tonight I would like to share with you 3 new mixed media gelli plate print collages I’ve played with in the last couple of days. Enjoy! 🙂

No. 1  Acknowledgement

img_3741 img_3742 img_3743

No. 2 Within

img_3744 img_3745 img_3746

I created the first two collages at the same time as a mini series. I started working on Strathmore printmaking paper. First I grabbed my 3 x 5 inches gelli plate and covered it with a layer of black acrylic paint. Next I laid down on top of the paint few chipboard letters and numbers and pulled the first print on some deli paper and then I stamped the image on my first piece of paper and because I still had enough paint on my gelli plate I stamped on a second piece of paper a lovely ghost print.

I recently spent quite some time printing on my bigger gelli plate ( 8 x 10 inches) so I now have laying around a lot of collage material.

I carefully chose a few prints that spoke to me, cut some bits and pieces that I collaged using Finnabair soft gel medium. Separately I glued down some gold leaf on an A4 cartridge paper, cut some pieces and collaged them as well. When everything was dry I stamped here and there using a handmade stamp and black india ink, doodled around the circles with a graphite pencil and mounted the collages on a black cardstock.

No. 3 Transition

img_3747 img_3749 img_3750 img_3751 img_3753

When you gelli print you get as a bonus some lovely painted papers from cleaning your brayer, some of them end up in the rubbish bin, it’s true, but some of them turn up quite remarkably interesting. This is the case with my third collage as I used for my background one of these papers. And the beauty of it is that they are really unique as you can’t recreate another one exactly the same.

So, first I pasted the “cleaning” paper on a piece of heavyweight printmaking card using the Finnabair soft gel medium. Then I glued down a strip of gold leaf and collaged the small piece of deli paper in the center. I grabbed my teal acrylic paint and Finnabair Artalchemy acrylic paint in Light Patina and I painted in these colours the area on the left and some shapes down the gold leaf strip. But I wanted some texture on this collage, so I mixed some white gesso, Finnabair 3D gel medium and marble dust and spread the mixture through a Tim Holtz stencil with a palette knife. While still wet I sprinkled some Finnabair art stones which are one of my many favorites! LOL

When everything was dry I made a glaze using raw umber acrylic paint and glazing medium and covered all the texture and then wiped off the excess using a baby wipe. OK, quite a few! LOL

I dried everything with my heating tool and then I glued down on top of the texture some gold leaf in few places. As a final touch I made some marks with a Parallel Pen with black ink.

Hope you enjoyed today’s project and thank you so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to check out my Online Workshop. You can watch a video trailer HERE.

Have a wonderful evening,

Much love,

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  1. JUST LOVE EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS!!!!! and yes i am yelling!!!

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  2. Love, love, love! So inspiring!

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  3. So gorgeous!!I love everything about your art Sanda!!
    I just read your reply and 2 more classes! Oh, not what to do??well, one step at a time for sure!
    sending hugs,Jackie

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  4. Thanks Jackie for your constant support and friendship, I really appreciate it! Big hugs, Sanda xxx

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