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Wow Sanda, how ever did you fir so much goodness …

Comment on The Designers’ Faves Challenge – Teal and Red Vintage Tag by Jackie P Neal.

Wow Sanda, how ever did you fir so much goodness on one tag?? This is glorious! I love love love those colors together and your textures as always are just delicious!
Thank you for your inspiration my friend!
hugs,Jackie xx

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Reach for the Stars – mixed media art journal page
Your journal spread is outstanding!!! What glorious textures and your message is right on for me! When I read that quote above, I said, not big enough- so you and your art work,again, has really inspired me!
I hope your Easter weekend is beautiful!
Sending love & blessings,

“Create magic” – mixed media mini art journal cover
Sanda, I could tell you a hundred times how much I love your art and it still would not convey what I feel about your style, design, process and inspiration! Your ability to marry the products together and turn them into treasures, well amazes me each time!
Thank you for taking the time to make videos of your processes- I love watching you create!
huge hugs my friend,
Jackie xx

Saturday afternoon with Anna
Sanda, Your piece is absolutely stunning!! I just LOVE it!!
And how very lucky you are to have taken a class with Finn!!It must have sent you over the moon and into the next galaxy( a little play on class words-heehee)
Of course you must feel lucky to be on Finnibair’s team, but I believe she is the lucky one to have you there!
Hugs & love,Jackie

Dare to spread your wings – a mixed media collage/assemblage
Wow Wow and WOW! Your textures and colors always amaze me Sanda ! and your designs,just blow me away! what a cool idea to use the glass in this way! I so love the metallic highlights,especially the silver! yummy-licious!!
love from your biggest fan! xoxo

You hold the key to my heart mixed media art card
My dear friend! Happy belated valentine’s day to you<3 what a beautiful card you made for your husband, he must be so proud!
sending much love to you,Jackie xoxo

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