“Moon Spirit” mixed media collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

“… To be a lantern in the darkness 
Or an umbrella on a stormy day; 
To feel much more than know…”  ― Dejan Stojanovic TASK OF A POET 


Hello, my sweets,

Hope you all had a great start of 2018 and, after a lovely Holiday Season, you are all getting back to business, doing what we love most – bringing some more beauty into this world with our artwork. 😊

I hope you’ll get inspired by my first project of this year, a mixed media collage/ assemblage on a recycled wooden triptych.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

So, let’s get started. 😊 After I gave my panel a coat of heavy white gesso, I applied a generous layer of Finnabair new plaster paste. By doing this, I didn’t only give the wood a lovely ground to work on later, but I also created a gorgeous texture, just by working the paste with a palette knife. The plaster paste is thick and creamy, very easy to work with, a must have for all of you who love texture and mixed media.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

Back to my project, I dried the plaster paste thoroughly with a heating gun and then, I added another layer of texture by applying Finnabair paper paste, this time through a couple of stencils. This is another fantastic addition to Finnabair range of texture pastes, fluffy and airy, similar to the light paste, yet different in consistency when it dries. I must confess I love them both and I am totally hooked.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

So, I left the second layer dry completely, but before that, I embedded into the wet paste a few mechanicals.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

To enhance the texture, I painted the panel with a mixture of black and brown impasto paints and then wiped off the excess with some baby wipes.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

When everything was dry, it was high time to add some colour to this baby LOL  and for this, I chose some of Finnabair new Art Alchemy Metallique and a few of my old and trusty friends, the art alchemy Impasto paints. You can see all the colours I used by watching the video and in the list below. I diluted all the paints, as I wanted a more transparent, ethereal look.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

I created my composition using chipboard pieces, mechanicals and two air dry clay wings. After coating everything with heavy white gesso, I painted my “Moon Spirit” using art alchemy waxes, mica powders and Metallique and Impasto paints.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

To finish my project, I added a few micro beads using 3D matte gel, some art alchemy Sparks and a few touches of glitter.

“Moon Spirit” mixed media texture collage/assemblage for Finnabair CT

Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see the products I used. Enjoy and have fun!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Much love to you,

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  1. Oh dear …. this is gorgeous !!! I’m totally in love with your art work today. I just enjoyed the great video.
    Can I ask where you found that lovely sun behind her head ? The rays mix so well with the stencil you used beneath. Also I have a question anout those fynny legs of hers. Did you make them yourself or are they bought that way ???
    I hope you find time to help me … please ?
    Thank you for an awesome video with an amazing composition Moon Spirits. You are so talented and I feel so inspired to create some art.
    Hugs from Monica.

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    • Thank you so much, Monica, for your kind words of appreciation! The sun is chipboard from UmWOWStudio and the legs I made myself from polymerclay and painted them 🙂 I’m always here to help, if I can 🙂 The sun chipboard I might have it in the shop, so have a look here http://artfulflight.com/Shop/ under product categories in the main menu, go to art and craft supplies and you’ll see Um WOW Studio chipboard. If you need more help, please let me know.
      Hugs, Sanda xxx
      P.S. Did you check my online workshops? (Wink) They are awesome https://www.artfulflight.com/online-workshops/ 🙂

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  2. Dear Sanda. First of all thank you so MUCH for your very kind, helpful and fast reply. I’m truly grateful that you took time for that !
    I also must admit that I had to watch your video AGAIN ( lol ). What a blessing that skilled artists like you do offer such an abundance of lovely videosand tutorials. Thank you again. I look forward to come back at a later time to purchase one of your workshops.
    Hugs from Monica

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    • You are most welcome, Monica, as I said, I am always here to help 🙂
      Thank you sooo much again, for your lovely comments, I’m really happy you like my work.
      Hugs, Sanda xxx

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  3. Sanda, you are AMAZING! Have I ever told you that?
    Finn must be please as punch to have you representing her products! In my opinion…noone else uses these as well as you do! Each make is better than the last!
    This Moon Spirits is just incredible! I mean, the way you compose your pieces, add just the perfect elements and then create magic with the products- phew- I am blown away!
    Outstanding dear friend!
    much love xoxoxo

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